Submitting Sightings

We'd love to hear about any colour-ringed blackbirds you see in or outside of the project's study site. You can submit any sightings to or by leaving a comment on this page. Ideally a sighting should contain the following information:
  • The two digit code on the bird's ring or if it is ringed with plain colour rings, the colour of each ring and which is on top.
  • The birds sex (if known).
  • The date you saw the bird.
  • A rough location of where you saw the bird.
You can add even more value to sightings within the study area by providing an exact location. Click on the image below, right click to save it to your desk top. Then simply annotate it using Paint or Photoshop and email to the address above!

Thank you in advance for any sightings!

The Cardiff Blackbird Project Team

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