Thursday 18 July 2013

Relaxing in the sun

It appears it isn't just us humans that are taking advantage of this current spell of fine weather. On Tuesday a ringed male (sadly we didn't see his code) was seen foraging along the avenue that runs down the centre of study site. Having consumed a worm he walked quickly to a bare spot, turned around before fattening himself on the ground with his wings outspread.

Blackbirds are known to "ant" where by they lie near an ants nest, allowing the ants to clean parasites off them. However, after the bird had flown off the area was check for ants but none were found. This male might have just been taking time out to relax in the sun; and who could blame him!
This male was either 'anting' or sunbathing, either way he appeared to be
enjoying  himself in the midday sun.

BK was also spotted, in fact she was the only bird who's code we were able to read despite there being several others! She seems to have had some success in the breeding stakes as she was seen feeding a rather large, and noisy, fledgling.
BK looking watchful as her youngster was not too far away.

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