Sunday 14 July 2013

Catch Up

We must apologise for the lack of updates of late; with a delayed spring and blustery  (and sometimes wet!) start to the summer fieldwork for the project has been sporadic.

Much of our time of late has been re-sighting birds we’ve ringed over the last year for the RAS element of the project. This is also allowing us to build a picture of how the birds use the park. Some birds seem to hold very distinct territories (or are at least seen in discrete areas) while others wander a little more. So far we’ve re-sighted over 25% of the birds ringed in the last year, several of which have been collecting worms or feeding very plump fledglings. If you see any colour-ringed blackbirds then please let us know!

While some birds, such as A4 seem to stick to a discrete area, others like AB
apparently like to wander about more. However, the picture is far from complete
and we would welcome more records from the allotments!

Ringing sessions ceased for a couple of months while the birds began to breed during a very cold and delayed spring. These sessions started up again recently and we have managed to add two more birds, both this year’s young, bringing the project total to 49 (47 of which are colour ringed). These sessions not only allowed us to catch up with birds we have not encountered so far during the breeding season but also provided some interesting “by-catch” in the form of a kingfisher and a lesser whitethroat.

A3 was the 10th bird ringed for the project and was recently
re-caught less than 100m from where he was originally ringed
last May.

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