Monday, 1 April 2013

Have we met before?

On the whole the recent weather has not be conducive to catching birds but we have managed the odd session. The last resulted in four new birds for the project bring our total to 43 colour ringed birds and 45 birds ringed since the project started. Among the four new birds was a male with a white chin spot. Hopefully this will be as a useful aid to identifying this bird as B6's white spot.

The white chin patch of one of our new males.
We have of course been continuing with re-sighting already ringed birds. One surprise while trying to re-sight birds in the east of the study site was coming across the male pictured below. Although several blackbirds have been ringed in other parts of Cardiff, prior to the start of the project only a handful of blackbirds had been ringed on our site; and only one of these was male. If this is LB09234, he is doing well as he will be in his fifth calender year!
Is this LB09234?

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