Thursday, 14 March 2013

A Trio of Thrushes

We were out catching more blackbirds for the project this morning. There were plenty of un-ringed birds about and we managed to add another three to the project - two males and a female. We could only colour ring one (due to the rings breaking!) so we are now on 39 colour ringed birds and a project total of 41- niether is far from our target of 50 for the first year! We also re-caught AH and re-sighted A4.

Left to right: one of the new Blacbirds (DH), a Song Thrush and a Redwing
Among the other birds we caught were two other thrush species - a song thrush and a redwing. The latter is a winter visitor to the UK. They are famed for their night time migration and on  clear autumn and early winter nights you can often hear their faint "tseep" call as they pass overhead. Redwing are commonly seen in our study area during the winter and occassionally the odd fieldfare, anther winter thrush.

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